The Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs You Must Know About.

When it comes to having innovative startups popping up in many different business areas,young entrepreneurs can definitely not be underrated at all.

It is because there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who have been quite much in the news to have striking ideas with bright practical minds to offer a lot to the ever evolving world in order to cater to its growing needs. There are many names of these young entrepreneurs who are seriously the ones to watch out for. These entrepreneurs have the right approach, the best ideas, and all of the passion that is needed to bring the best of smart innovations for all. Some of these names are given as follows:

Aaron Dicks (25)

Aaron has a company named Impression which he launched with the help of a fellow student’s partnership names Tom Craig. It is a digital marketing agency that makes use of the existing technologies in order to provide excellent matching solutions and results through web design and clicks to customer campaigns. Just back in 2015, they made more than 500,000 Euros that doubled in 2016. Hence, they are surely to look out for in the year 2017 as one of the most successful young UK entrepreneurs.

Amber Atherton (24)

Atherton owns My Flash Trash who actually found fame in the Made in Chelsea series. However, she is known for an entirely different reason now that she has the fastest growing London accessory brand. It is a special in playful and bold charm jewelry that empowers girls while not taking fashion too seriously. It was just a blog in 2008 but today its business appears to be scaling at a pace of 100 items sales increase by each day. Amber is now all set and ready to take on brands like Pandora in no time this year only!

Angelica Malin (25)

Angelica aged 25 years own the company About Time as it made more than 75,000 monthly users across 123 countries in just two years. It helps Londoners to make easy decisions while going to new places or having different trying experiences. There are hundreds of choices for dinners, staying in, going out, etc. Thus, with sky being the limit, she is surely one to look out for in 2017.

Archie Hewlett (21)

Last but totally not the least, he is the most promising, and the youngest UK entrepreneur to look out for as he is just aged 21. However, he started his quality slip-on-shoe business when he was just 18 as he took the 9,000 Euros loan for the same. He offered a lot more quality with cheap prices and steered people away from traditional British fashion to those like velvet slippers, etc. With an impressive 1 million pounds turn over in just 2015 without any additional funding, he has made a great name!

The above mentioned names are all under the age of 25 and are truly very young and fresh to watch out as the top youngest entrepreneurs overall for the coming years.

With the revolution of the internet age many more young entrepreneurs has just begun.

by Jamie Cowdry


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